Dr Aya Mousa
Research Support Services

The MCHRI biobank provides a standardised, streamlined approach to manage the biobanking needs of funded projects, and provide ongoing support for the collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of a range of biological specimens including blood, tissue, saliva, urine and faecal material. We operate in keeping with international quality standards to offer researchers high-quality solutions which align with their project aims, timelines and budgets.

About Biobank

The biobanking service is available to all researchers within Monash University, MHTP and Monash Health at no cost for the initial consultation*.

We work with research teams on a collaborative or fee-for-service basis to provide advice and assistance with a range of activities including specimen collection, handling (and specialised shipping if required), storage, retrieval and analysis. We can provide end-to-end solutions starting at the grant writing stage of the project or custom solutions for specific project needs, recognising that sample integrity is key to the success of biobanking projects or sub-projects. Our -80 degree freezers are conveniently located at our secure Monash Health site and have safety mechanisms to prevent temperature deviations if the primary compressor should fail, as well as a monitoring system that notifies our personnel 24 hours/7 days, should temperatures deviate from their acceptable range.

To organise an initial consultation and discuss your specific project needs, please contact Dr Aya Mousa by email on:

Current Projects
  • Lipidomic and metabolomic biomarkers in women’s reproductive and metabolic health
  • The role of insulin and androgens in fetal programming and future reproductive and metabolic health
  • Gestational biomarkers including prolactin and human placental lactogen in the prediction of adverse outcomes
  • Evaluating the use of biomarkers in high-risk pregnancies for risk prediction of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes
Group Members

Dr Aya Mousa

Platform Lead

Simon Alesi

PhD candidate

Drishti Ghelani

Research Assistant

Prof. Helena Teede

MCHRI Director

*The initial consultation with our biobanking team will be conducted at Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), and biobanking support totalling two hours will be provided. If additional advice or time is required this can be provided at a quoted rate of $150 per hour (plus GST) or on a collaborative basis (with discounted costs as negotiated), charged to individuals or departments as appropriate. Please note that freezer storage space may incur additional costs.