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Creating a sophisticated innovative, impactful and scalable digital health ecosystem that improves health outcomes for our community and provides accurate and efficient translation and decision support for our community and health professionals, which enhances health equity and access to evidence-based information and engagement.

This group develops engaging, sophisticated and innovative digital solutions to support patients and health professionals by translating the research knowledge created by MCHRI with worldwide experts to deliver evidence-based and cost-effective interventions to drive improved health outcomes at scale. We aim to combine accessibility, functionality and efficacy in our digital programs.

We deploy our domain knowledge and digital capabilities to use data and technology to help provide easier access to evidence-based information to improve health outcomes and health equity for consumers. We provide community and health professionals with digital tools to support informed treatment decisions and for the better coordination of care.

About the Digital Health platforms

Our digital health platforms are co-designed and use state of the art IT platforms and technology. We operate several channels that host translated evidence-based information about the health research areas which the MCHRI team covers.

We identify needs and priorities ‘with women for women’ and work in multidisciplinary teams to benefit from cutting-edge knowledge and combine our competencies in technology, human-centred design and medical research to create engaging and effective digital solutions. We collaborate closely with statisticians for data-driven knowledge creation and implementations.

Privacy and data security are highly critical issues for our digital health platforms that need consistent attention. The predictive maintenance of our security frameworks is vital to minimise the risk of vulnerability or compromise. We ensure our considerations range across the complete architecture of our ecosystem.

Implementation & Impact

Our work focuses on improving health outcomes and health equity for women during their reproductive life. 

We currently provide applications to deliver healthy lifestyle interventions during pre-conception, pregnancy and post-birth and manage health conditions such as PCOS, Early Menopause and Infertility and a risk calculator platform including gestational diabetes.

Main Research Streams

We are creating innovative and scalable digital health solutions as part of our ecosystem to provide accessible and engaging solutions for women and health professionals. These are platforms that are being iteratively evaluated, extended and improved.

Apps and Consumer tools and resources

‘Ask’ women’s health apps: The sophisticated co-designed Ask applications provide personal and relevant information to women for specific conditions. Ask Apps are currently available for PCOS and Early Menopause. The Ask Apps provide a personalised space to find evidence-based information about the condition, track and manage the symptoms, find positive and personal solutions on how to manage the condition, prepare consultations with health professionals and support women to live the healthiest possible lifestyle for them. The apps also provide forums to connect and discuss with other women.

Lifestyle interventions

OptimalMe is an application to deliver healthy lifestyle interventions during preconception, pregnancy and post-birth. We received funding to develop the next version of the application to deliver co-designed, scalable and cost-effective healthy lifestyle interventions focussing on underserved women. We also integrate lifestyle into our other IT platforms.

Risk prediction tools

PerSONal GDM: PerSONal GDM is a risk calculator platform that includes models to evaluate the risk of developing GDM or evaluating the risk of adverse outcomes due to GDM. This platform provides efficient decision support tools for health professionals to decide on and discuss the potential risk of GDM with patients. Other calculators are under development

Additional Research Streams
Data visualisation and human IT interface

We have a body of work optimising the use of codesigned strategies for innovative effective digital strategies in communication of complex concepts and risks.

Education and workforce capacity building

We are mentoring cross sector student driven teams to create prototypes for Apps in cooperation with Monash University or via integration into core units across a range of disciplines.

Big data and the Learning Health System

We are investigating the use of AI and machine learning frameworks to create dynamic learning models. We are also evaluating the use of AI to personalise our platform and provide curated and relevant evidence-based information.

To deliver health impact, we leverage and integrate with the following MCHRI platforms
Group Members
Prof Helena TeedeDirector MCHRI
A/Prof Amanda VincentLead, Early Menopause
A/Prof Lisa MoranLead, High-Risk Women’s Health
A/Prof Cheryce HarrisonLead, Healthy Lifestyle Program
Dr Rhonda GaradLead, Education and Workforce and Capacity Building
Susanne BakerLead, Digital Health and App Platform Development
VanlalsiamaSoftware Developer
Ravindu LandekumburaSoftware Developer
Mohini PatilSoftware Developer
Dr Ingo MuellerBusiness and UX Analyst

Student Research Projects

You are encouraged to get in touch regarding potential projects that align with the research areas.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding given to our group by the following groups:

  • Heart Foundation
  • Medical Research Future Fund grant support
  • National Health and Medical Research Council Centre for Research Excellence including through the CRE in Women’s Health in Reproductive Life and the CRE Healthy Lifestyle in Preconception and Pregnancy