Education and Workforce Capacity Building


Providing applied learning opportunities for health professionals based on the latest, high-quality evidence.

As a research and implementation centre, we both generate and disseminate evidence-based research. To ensure our research is implemented we have developed a suite of educational opportunities to upskill health professionals and build evidence-base practice within the health sector.

About our education program

Our flexible education program caters to the needs of busy health professionals. We provide short and long courses, accredited and credential courses, and mentoring options. 

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Who are our professional development education options aimed at?

A wide range of health professionals undertake our professional development options such as;

  • Specialists
  • Hospital based doctors
  • General practitioners
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nurses at all levels
  • Allied health practitioners – dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists etc.
What people like about our professional development opportunities
  • Based on up-to-date research
  • Practical, using principles of applied learning
  • Flexible and designed for busy professionals
  • Dynamic and enjoyable learning environments
  • Delivered by experts in the field
Current professional development offerings
Implementation and innovation in healthcare

This course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to join the growing movement improving and shaping healthcare, to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Masters unit

Six-week intensive unit, 6 points in Master programs (Online):

  • Master of Health Management
  • Master of Health Administration
Group workshop

Two-day group workshop delivered at your workplace to your team

Women in Leadership

This program will provide you with the knowledge, personal development, and community of support, as you take your place in healthcare leadership.

The purpose of this three-day program is to inspire, encourage and support women in healthcare and research to reach their full career potential. The program will explore equal opportunity, capacity, capability building and career strategic planning, as well as provide supportive networks and partnerships.

  • 28/2, 15/3 & 16/3 (online)
  • 4/4, 5/4 & 6/4 (face-to-face)
  • 6/6, 7/6 & 8/6 (online)
  • 25/7, 26/7 & 27/7 (face-to-face)
  • 22/8, 23/8 & 24/8 (online)
  • 10/10, 11/10 & 12/10 (face-to-face)
  • 14/11, 15/11 & 16/11 (online)

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Other short courses coming online in 2023
  • An evidence-based approach to the assessment and diagnosis of PCOS
  • “Too young for menopause?”: A evidenced-based approach to managing early menopause and premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Women in leadership – What does the evidence tell us?
To deliver health impact, we use the following MCHRI platforms
  • Research Translation & guidelines
  • Education and workforce capacity building