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Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation

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Evidence & Translation

Addressing financial inequity, promoting women’s financial security and independence and career progression, critical to health and wellbeing.

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Gender equity & women in leadership

Optimising the health of women, babies and families through low-cost healthcare programs and initiatives, and creating a national Maternity Learning Health System to improve pregnancy outcomes.

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Preconception, pregnancy & postpartum

Understanding PCOS, Healthy Lifestyle in High Risk Women, Early Menopause & Menopause and Reproductive Epidemiology.

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Reproductive women's health (incl PCOS Program)

Developing health outcomes that are sustainable, cost effective and broadly applicable for public health impact across the population.

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Public health & healthy lifestyle

Reducing the incidence of diabetes and gestational diabetes, and developing lifestyle management programs for women at high risk of CVD following pregnancy complications.

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Cardiovascular health & diabetes in women

Understanding the impacts of climate change, mental health and wellbeing on women and their families. Also part of the large iCARE international study.

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Mental health, climate & COVID-19

Making an impact in women’s health and outcomes that matter to women.

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