Working with and informing policy makers

Why does an implementation team working mainly in women’s health and equity, work to inform policy?

MCHRI is an implementation centre firmly committed to improving health, well-being and equity. 

We are informed by government and key stakeholder policies and priorities. 

Our team also has leadership roles in policy development.

Our work produces information that is based on community and stakeholder needs and priorities and is key to informing evidence based, effective policies.

Our research and policy development is coproduced in partnership with consumers and the community.  From initiation and planning to research and execution, and finally in translation to inform policy. This optimises health outcomes as it ensures that community needs and priorities are embedded in all aspects.

We target prevention, well-being, improved healthcare, efficient use of resources, and of key importance, equity and access. 

Who do we work with?

As well as working with consumers and the community, we engage with Government, the Academic Health Sciences Centre, University Faculties, Independent Institutes, NGOs and community groups which brings a breadth of expertise and perspectives.

How do we work to inform policy makers?

Our MCHRI team work in partnership from understanding the problem to priority setting to research and implementation of evidence into policy. 

We use Knowledge to Action, Learning Health System and implementation frameworks to ensure that research outcomes/new knowledge are proactively implemented, translated and scaled into changes in practice and policy.

Research Support Services

Our services support health professionals, researchers, consumers, policymakers clinicians, and hospital administrators who seek guidance on healthcare improvement.

Guidelines and Resources