Early Menopause Resources

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Every woman is different! AskEarlyMenopause will answer all of your questions about Early Menopause and help you manage symptoms and your lifestyle.

AskEarlyMenopause is dedicated to helping women during Early Menopause and is based on the best available evidence.

AskEarlyMenopause is the most trustworthy and comprehensive Early Menopause App available and was developed by the leading women’s health experts from around the world and co-designed with women with Early Menopause.

Resources for women with Early Menopause

 One of our major current projects in implementation research is using the Experiences and Perspectives of Women and Health Professionals to Translate Evidence into Practice.

An NHMRC Partnership Project to address knowledge gaps regarding early menopause with best practice research focusing on implementation and translation of research outputs to develop a comprehensive range of resources for consumers related to early menopause, including:

INFOGRAPHIC: Premature ovarian insufficiency, early menopause and osteoporosis

FACT SHEET: Early menopause, premature ovarian insufficiency and bone health

QUESTION PROMT LIST (QPL): for women suspecting to have Early Menopause to help prepare questions for the next discussion with the health professional

ONLINE RESOURCE: Detailing women’s experiences on early menopause hosted on the Healthtalk Australia website