Readiness assessment

Influencing factors of a change project

A strong component of implementation is doing a comprehensive contextual analysis of the area in which you want to make a change or improvement. Really understanding the factors, actors, pressures, resources etc is very important, because these become the focus of your implementation plan. 

“The number one mistake in implementation is the failure to do a deep analysis of contextual factors. This will always end in tears.”

Dr Rhonda Garad

We will lead you through some questions to help you do this analysis. Please go through step by step to ensure you are assessing all relevant factors.

There are five main influencing factors to consider

Outside your organisation

What are the factors outside your organisation or work area that are driving change? ...

Step 1
Internal environment

Think about your work environment and consider the drivers within that may be pressing for change...

Step 2
Barriers you may face

Think about the factors that may prevent change. For example, will staff resist this change? ...

step 3
Enablers that will assist

What are the factors that will assist you? Will this change be supported by staff, consumers, etc.? ...

Step 4
Stakeholder Engagement

One of the key mistakes in implementation is the lack of meaningful engagement with ...

Step 5